Alena Pons

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Alena Pons is a writer, editor and translator, and has worked amidst letters for more than 10 years. She has translated works such as the web comic Sarah´s Scribbles, she has collaborated on many anthologies and has participated in many young adult novel competitions (becoming a finalist for several young adult Catalan novel awards). Currently, she juggle both being a writer and a co-founder for Meikabuk, an editorial service company.



Ice and Silver (Hielo y plata) is the author´s first novel. It is an emotionally evoking story that narrates the entanglements of an elite ice skater while she competes.  Alena Pons´ writing is visual and provides both entertaining and educational content about ice-skating, like technical terms and the commonplace routines of an ice skater, since she herself is an ice skating technician.


What the critics have said about the author:

«Alena Pons debuts with a true masterpiece, one that is impossible to put down. I wish it had never ended! » Andrea Izquierdo, author

« A moving novel that manages to capture the emotion and pressure of those who pour their whole heart onto the ice. » Beatriz Esteban, author