Anna Bonacina

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Walkabout Literary Agency. 

Anna Bonacina is an Italian author who holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a PhD in Comparative Literature. She currently balances her career as a writer with her role as a librarian.

Furthermore, Bonacina contributes to various media outlets, including writing articles on children’s literature for the magazine Il Pepeverde, and publishing her own stories in Intimità magazine.

Her literary works are distinguished by a refined sense of humor, combined with the development of nuanced characters, with whom readers can readily identify.



Her story titled “L’amore è un herone azzurro” (in English, “Love Is a Blue Heron”) was selected as one of the finalists for the “Mangia, Scrivi, Eataly!” award, a competition organized by Eataly and the Holden School.

Her short story “Sei cose impossibili prima di colazione” (in English, “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”), was set to music by the esteemed Italian composer Marco Beretta and adapted into a play.