Antonia J. Corrales

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Antonia J. Corrales is a Spanish author who transitioned from a career as a business administrator to the literary field. Since making this shift, she has served as a proofreader for various companies, a columnist for local newspapers and cultural magazines, an interviewer for scientific journals, a judge in literary competitions, and a radio program coordinator.

Corrales is an exceptionally prolific and versatile author, exploring various genres and themes throughout her literary career. Beyond her accomplishments as a novelist, she has adeptly navigated the evolving publishing landscape, embracing digital platforms and self-publishing opportunities to expand her audience reach.

Throughout her career, Antonia J. Corrales has been well-received by both critics and readers, establishing herself as a significant figure in contemporary Spanish literature.



Antonia J. Corrales has gained significant international acclaim, receiving around twenty awards in different contests throughout her career.

Her narrative talent and ability to connect with readers are reflected in the commercial success of her works, which have ranked in the top 100 bestsellers on Amazon for over seven years in countries including Spain, the United States, and several in Latin America.

The versatility of Antonia J. Corrales’ work is highlighted by the broad availability of her books in multiple formats and editions, showcasing the sustained demand for her writings. Moreover, her international presence has grown through the translation of her works into English, Italian, and Greek, further extending her reach to a global audience.

The impact of her writing on the public is undeniable, with Corrales accumulating thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. This enthusiasm is particularly evident in the Historia de una bruja contemporánea saga, which has been a massive bestseller since its launch. Each installment of the saga has secured a spot in the top 100 sales on Amazon from the first day of its pre-sale.