Antonio Hidalgo

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Antonio Hidalgo (Madrid, 1996) is a Spanish author with studies in filmmaking and acting who leapt to fame thanks to the literary platform Wattpad. On it, he managed to conquer tens of thousands of readers.

His passion in writing dates back to his childhood. Now, he combines it with his work as security and event coordinator for artists from the music and literary scene.



Hidalgo has a well-established audience in his social networks, from which he shows his daily life as an author to his tens of thousands of followers.

His expertise as an escort for renowned writers like Alice Kellen and Joana Marcús inspired the writing of his debut novel, Tan cerca de ti (So Close to You). This has been a resounding success both in Spain and Latin America. The novel has been published and presented in Mexico, and edited in the USA for the Spanish-speaking audience.