Betina González

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Betina González is an Argentinian writer, poet and journalist.  She studied Social Communication at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she worked as a professor and investigator. Later on, she moved to Texas, where she got a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of El Paso. She got a doctorate in Latin American literature in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before going back to Argentina.

She started her literary career writing short tales that were published in several magazines. Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and writer Rosa Montero have praised her work, saying, respectively, that “she has demonstrate a real command of a genre as complex as the novel”, and that her work is “fascinating, of great literary quality, a game of magic”.

Currently, she is a professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.



Betina González was the first woman ever to win the Premio Tusquets. Apart from this prestigious award, throughout her career she has been recognized with different prizes like the Premio Clarín, the Premio Lozano of the University of Pittsburgh or the Premio del Fondo Nacional de las Artes.