Carlos Bassas del Rey

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Alrevés Press.

Carlos Bassas is a Spanish writer and screenwriter. He has a PhD in Journalism from the Universidad de Navarra. He completed his training as a screenwriter with international seminars given by lecturers like Richard Walter or Linda Seger, and he works as an audiovisual writer for several production companies. He teaches at UPN, at the School of Image and Sound, at CTL and at FORCEM. He has also directed and taught several creative writing and audiovisual narrative courses, film festivals and lectures about cinema. He has worked as coordinator in two different exhibitions.

He has written short films, documentaries, films, music videos and TV spots for national and international companies. He has also worked as a director of photography, editor and director’s assistant. He has been a film critic for several magazines and part of the jury in several short film competitions.



Carlos Bassas was awarded with the Premio Plácido al Mejor Guion de Largometraje en el IX Festival Internacional de Cine Negro de Manresa.

He is a spokesperson for Film at the Ateneo Navarro.