True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Until now.

True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Each generation must have thirty six Justs. The Tzadik are anonymous people who, according to the Jewish tradition, keep the balance between Good and Evil on the face of the Earth.

70-year-old Justo Ledesma is one of them. From the moment of his conception, Justo knows his story: “you are one of the 36.” His mom, a Jewish Dutch who met Justo’s father, a Spanish political prisoner, in a concentration camp, reminds him over and over again. But it won’t be until the rape and murder of his wife Eva and his unborn child that Justo will finally accept his fate, his identity, and become what he already is: a tzadik. From that momento on, Just will focus on his misión: to kill criminals of any kind: rapers, abusers, torturers, traffickers, corrupt politicians with a clean police record but who pull the strings of organized crime. Bad people. Evil. And he does this in the only possible way: with coldness. With precision and experience disguised under the look of a senile and quiet old man.

Justo is already seventy and he is tired. He is angry at himself, at his dead mother, at the world, at his mission and at God. He has been imparting justice for fifty years, but he has never been able to find the murderers of his wife and his baby.

Until now.

When dealing with a net of local criminals, Justo finds out the man at the top of the chain: the man that Eva refused 50 years ago. He was behind her brutal beating and raping while they nearly beat Justo to death. He is one of the most powerful politicians with the perfect family, the perfect image and a clean record. And he is the man who made him who he is now.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Justo has been awarded the Dashiell Hammett 2019 Prize, the most prestigious crime novel award in Spanish-language, and elected as one of the 2018 best crime novels by El País newspaper.

The plot of Justo has potential to become a TV Series with a main protagonist never seen before, perfect for a character-driven story. The concept can be developed into more seasons for a TV show.

Carlos Bassas has written short Movies, documentaries, films, music videos and TV spots for national and international companies. He has also worked as a director of photography, editor and director’s assistant. He has been a film critic for several magazines, and part of the jury if several short film competitions.

Carlos Bassas was awarded with the Premio Plácido al Mejor Guion de Largometraje en el IX Festival Internacional de Cine Negro de Manresa.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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