Cecilia Eudave

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Cecilia Eudave is a writer, investigator, professor and is the coordinator in charge of the Mexican Literature Studies Master’s Program at the University of Guadalajara. She got her PhD in Romantic Languages from the French University of Montpellier. As a writer, she oscillates between both young adult/children´s literature and adult literature. She has been a part of many cultural magazines, writing for the Coordenada Fantástica column of literaturas.com digital magazine and the monthly column Qué sabe nadie for Jornada Aguascalientes magazine. Additionally, she is part of the National System of Investigation (NSI) that works to research Mexican literature, fantastic literature and analyzes cultural and visual writings.



Cecilia Eudave is a magnificent Mexican writer and is the recipient of many prestigious awards like the Novela Juan García Ponce Award and the Certamen Nacional de Literatura Alfonso Reyes Award. She also received honorable mention at the Annual International Latino Book Awards at New York  and at the Certamen Nacional de Poesía Alfonso Reyes, the Cuento Juan Rulfo National Competition and at the “Elvira Bermúdez” Literary Competition given by the Premios Nacionales de Periodismo y Literatura AMMPE Association. She was also within the finalists for the Libro Kiriko Award, organized by children´s libraries and librarians in Spain.

The author has revolutionized the young adult literature scene with her novels, which is shown by record sales and constant positive reviews on her Julia Dench saga. It is made up of The Creature in the Mirror, The Enigmatic Sphere and Afternoon Nightmares and they have been translated to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Czech, Portuguese and English.