Doctor Julia Dench Saga (Saga Doctora Julia Dench)

The Creature in the Mirror | The Enigmatic Sphere | Afternoon Nightmares

The monsters that scare you live within you

Dr. Julia Dench is dedicated to helping teenagers who are going through very complicated times, solving cases in which the fears of these teenagers have attracted terrifying characters from another dimension that threaten to trap them forever. Julia is a brave, determined and empowered woman who has become a kind of impromptu detective who solves these paranormal mysteries. Her procedures are based, with all their contradictions and complexities, on the confrontation between science and faith; reason and myth.

The conflicts of the children she helps are determined by two aspects: a fantastic one in which an evil creature stalks them; and another one related to their family life. Parents estranged from their children who become lonely and who do not have the support of their families when facing the supernatural dangers that haunt them and who end up taking refuge in Dr. Dench.

Julia Dench approaches these cases with an empathy and determination that helps the victims of these creatures, saving them from more than the paranormal. After the first investigations, evil, or dark spirits, begin to take on a more palpable life that must be fought by using the rites and spells proposed by Dench.

Julia, along with the children she helps, end up discovering that the supernatural forces that appear in one way or another in their lives are an expression of the real conflicts that occur in their families or the personal conflicts of becoming adults.


RELEVANT DATA: Cecilia Eudave has revolutionized the young adult literature scene with her novels, as evidenced by the numerous sales and consistently good reviews that the books that make up the Dr. Dench saga are receiving.

Her writing trajectory has been recognized by many awards, some to highlight are the Juan García Ponce Novel Award and two honorable mentions at the 12th Annual International Book Awards, given by the Latino Literacy Now organization. Her works have been translated to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Czech, Portuguese and English.


What the critics have said:

“Cecilia Eudave is an unclassifiable narrator, who moves like a fish in water: from her short stories to novels, from children’s to young adult literature, she manages to combine genres, languages and stories in search of this enigma we call literature”


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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