Cristina Higueras

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Cristina Higueras.

Cristina Higueras is a Spanish actress, director, and theatre producer. In recent years she has combined her career as a performer with her literary one. She has a degree from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid (RSDA). She is also the author of numerous novels and has received the Mostra de Valencia Award for her artistic career and the Copa 100 Cadena Theatre Award.

As an actress, she has forged her career in television, theatre and Film. She founded her own theatrical production company, New Comedy, from which she has starred in numerous plays.



Her novel, I Am Your Gaze (Soy tu mirada), was a finalist for the Celsius Award given by the Noir Week of Gijón, one of the most important literature awards in our country.


What the critics say:

“[…] Cristina Higueras is confirmed as a skillful and effective narrator, who gives her reader, with sharpened prose, the doses of intrigue, mystery and desolation that they need.” Elena Costa, El Cultural

I Am Your Gaze (Soy tu mirada) is one of the best psychological thrillers released in recent years.”  Sirmactres (literary blog)