Cruz Morcillo

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Cruz Morcillo, born in Jaén, is a journalist. She studied History and she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Seville.  She started her career working at an Andalusian newspaper, and from 1997 onwards she worked as a crime journalist and police information reporter at the ABC newspaper. She also collaborates in radio and television shows from different networks and, since 2011, she co-stars in El programa de Ana Rosa.

Morcilla balances her work as a journalist with teaching, as she is a lecturer at the ABC’s Journalism master’s degree.



Cruz Morcillo has been awarded by the General Council of the Judicial Power, the National Police and the Civil Guard. Throughout her career as a writer, she’s received the title for best non-fiction book in Gijón’s Noir Fair, and she was a finalist of the Rodolfo Walsh Award for best non-fiction noir book in different occasions.

The author has also been part of many collective works.