Dani Llabrés

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Dani Llabrés.

Dani Llabrés is a Spanish author licensed in Law. He worked as a lawyer for fifteen years and, since the early 2000s, he has a strong link to the literary world.

His books include novels, children’s stories, short stories and essays, many of which have a common theme: music. His intense commitment to mod culture is the origin of his interest in jazz, blues, soul, ska…, vinyl records, modernist aesthetics, and the culture of the 60s.

Throughout his life, Dani Llabrés has edited and participated in fanzines, written in cultural publications, collaborated in the Más Jazz magazine, worked on radio programs, coordinated the Real Mod World website, and even directed a short film titled Tarde de dominó (i.e. Domino Afternoon).

He is now a weekly contributor to the program Abierto a mediodía, on 99.9 Plaza Radio, directed by Ramón Palomar.



His short film Tarde de dominó won the Audience Award and the Award for Best Short Film at the La Almunia Film Festival, besides the Award for Best Short Film at the Gijón Film Festival.

With his collection of works Little Niño descubre a… (Little Niño discovers…), co-written with illustrator Jaime Pantoja, Llabrés encourages music culture in children in an original and fun way.