Daniel Samper Pizano

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Daniel Samper Pizano.

Daniel Samper is one of the most loved and respected journalists of Colombia. He is a novelist, humorist, essayist, professor and screenwriter. He graduated in Law but never worked as a lawyer. He studied at the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá and did a Master’s Degree at the Univerity of Kansas. He is Nieman Fellow of the University of Harvard. He divides his time between Spain and Colombia.

He is considered the father of investigative journalism in Colombia. Mainly, he has worked in the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo and in the Spanish magazine Cambio16.

For fourteen years he was co-screenwriter of one of the most famous and long-lasting family comedies of Colombian TV, Dejémonos de vainas, and also of successful TV series such as Escalona (who launched Carlos Vives as a vallenato singer), Leche (parodic soap opera) and Momposina (a macondian love story).

He is the author of more than forty books, and a good part of them is political satire. In his novels, he has specialized in a genre of Latin American lineage, the dictatorships narrative with a comical tone.



Daniel Samper is a prestigious Colombian journalist, writer and screenwriter who has taken part in great projects in Colombia, such as Dejémonos de vainas, Escalona and the miniseries Leche for Caracol TV. He is also the bestseller humorist in Colombia.

Samper has won many awards like the Maria Moors Cabot Award, the Rey de España Award and the Simón Bolívar Award. He is also a member of the Colombia Academy of Language.