Daniela Viviani

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Daniela Viviani is a writer, creative copywriter, graphic novelist and a self-taught illustrator. The author writes for all types of audiences, as she has published both adult and young adult/children´s novels. Among the most prominent themes portrayed in her novels is the position of women in society, along with the difficulties they face. She also touches upon male and LGTBQ+ identities, amid other themes of the sort.

Signed with her pseudonym “Cabralesa”, the author has published two graphic novels. Apart from this, she is the co-author of several comics and consistently publishes “webcomics” for the digital newspaper El Definido. She has also worked as an illustrator for Mujeres Bacanas’s social networks.



Daniela Viviani began her career as a writer with the best-selling novel Damned Boss (Maldita Jefa). It is inspired by real events that reflect the complex Chilean work force. Her novels have been recognized by the Marta Brunet National Literature Award, by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile, and the Cataloe Award. 


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