David Pulido

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of David Pulido.

David Pulido is a writer, screenwriter and psychologist. He holds a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. His passion is cinema, where he continues to analyze human behavior from fiction, after training as a screenwriter on the Spanish channel Fiction Factory. He currently works at the Center for Psychology Álava Reyes. He combines his clinical work with his work as a communicator, both in the written press and in television programs such as Las mañanas de la 1, España Directo and currently in Las mañanas de cuatro. He is also a professor teaching classes within the Behavioral Therapy master’s degree at the Therapy Institute of Madrid and different specialized courses.



David Pulido has co-written a feature film with Raúl Arévalo, with which he won, among other awards, the prestigious Spanish Film Academy’s Goya for Best Original Screenplay. La torre encrucijada is his debut feature and has been well received by critics and readers alike, with extraordinary reviews and thousands of positive comments. The great storyteller writes the extremely visual novel that walks a thin line between two genres, fantasy and thriller, and uses his knowledge of human psychology to create truly engaging characters and plots.