The Crossroads Tower (La torre de la encrucijada)

An irresistible offer. A mysterious tower. An adventure impossible to imagine.

Germán returns to Madrid after living in London, the place where he took refuge and has spent several years trying to overcome the tragic passing of his younger brother. Since that day, he lives in constant agony, tormented by the guilt he feels of his death. His idea upon returning to Madrid is to finally leave his demons behind and move on with his life; he hopes to find a job that will allow him to do so. Luckily, it was easy for him to find a job, but looking for an apartment is not so simple.

On the verge of giving up, he comes across an eye-catching but suspicious advertisement that says: “We are looking for tenants who enjoy the adventure of living in a privileged place for only 204 euros”. Germán is skeptical, as it could be a scam, but decides he has nothing to lose and goes to the location specified on the ad.

Germán, along with nine other “candidates”, all very different from each other, will be the tower’s new residents, a building located in Capo del Moro, the heart of Madrid.

Among the individuals are: Manuel, an enthusiastic university student who convinces Germán to live on the same floor; Bea, the elusive girl with a pink mohawk; Emilio, the lawyer who complains about everything; Astrid, the charming photographer with whom Germán ends up falling in love; Rosa, the woman looking for a place to live away from her son’s problems; Amanda, the cheerful deluded girl who thinks she’s living in a reality show; Alexander, the pedantic scholar who always wears a hat; Nuria, the Twitter addict who works in a nursing home; and Rafael, the sinister nightclub security guard.

Everyone accepts the risk of living there without knowing that the tower is enchanted. Before long, everyone will begin to experience inexplicable and paranormal situations, so surreal and mysterious that they will come to think they are at the helm of a cult.  Ten individuals whose reality and irrationality collide upon occupying the tower.


RELEVANT DATA: The Crossroads Tower (La torre de la encrucijada) is screenwriter David Pulido’s debut novel. He was the recipient of one Goya Award (the Spanish Academy Award) as best original screenwriter for Tarde para la ira. His novel has been well received by critics and readers, with extraordinary ratings and thousands of positive comments. The great storyteller writes this very visual novel on the border between two genres: fantasy and thriller.


What the critics have said:

The plot of the story is set up in such a way that it will always take us down paths full of tension and action. The author has done a great job weaving such a complex and original plot.” (literary blog)

The Crossroads Tower (La torre de la encrucijada) speaks to us of worlds within our world, of adventures, of horror, of companionship, of fears and uncertainties, without forgetting the legends that inhabit every corner of Madrid, a beautiful city full of stories worth sharing.” Goodreads

The Crossroads Tower (La torre de la encrucijada) is a novel belonging to the fantasy-adventure genre that reads like a role-playing game, with the city of Madrid as its playing board. A story full of unique characters and strange dimensions, where anything can happen.“ Amazon 


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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