Dulce Chacón

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Dulce Chacón was a Spanish writer and poet. Born to a conservative and aristocratic family, her father was mayor during Franco’s dictatorship. However, Dulce Chacón soon became a person with a great social and political compromise. The central theme of her work is Francoist repression, especially the situation of women.



Her home town gave Dulce Chacón the distinction of favourite child. A square has her name, as well as a narrative award, several public schools and high schools, an assembly room and the main library of the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Dulce Chacón was awarded with prestigious literary awards such as the Premio Azorín, the Premio al Libro del Año del Gremio de Libreros de Madrid and the Premio Ciudad de Irún, and she was nominated to the Premios Max de Teatro.

She is the author of La voz dormida, which audiovisual adaptation, made by director Benito Zambrano, was a box office success and won several awards of the Spanish academy of film. Recently, it has also been adapted to theatre.