Eduardo Galán

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Eduardo Galán.

Eduardo Galán Font (Madrid, 1957) is a Spanish screenwriter, Playwright and novelist. His works have been translated to English, Greek and Portuguese. From 1996 to 2000 was a General Deputy Director of Theater in the Ministry of Education and Culture. Furthermore, he is a founder partner of the production company Secuencia 3 Artes y Comunicación. Presently he lives in Madrid, where works as Language and Literature teacher in the Beatriz Galindo Awards Institute.



He has successfully published more than 15 theatre plays, novels, scripts….Presently he has developed several stories and formats, with an intention of adapting them to the cinema and television.

Eduardo Galán has received several awards for his works. Among his numerous prizes, stand out:

Premio Calderón de Teatro, that he received for his play The shadow of the power;

Premio Lazarillo de Tormes de Teatro for The flying chair;

Premio de Teatro Enrique Llovet for The friend of the king;

And the Premio Nacional de Teatro Infantil y Juvenil.