Eliseo Alberto

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Eliseo Alberto de Diego García Marruz was a Cuban-born Mexican writer, novelist, essayist and journalist. His prolific career spanned decades, leaving behind a lasting impact on the literary world.

Born in Arroyo Naranjo, Cuba, Eliseo Alberto was the son of renowned Cuban poet Eliseo Diego. He followed his father’s footsteps, studying journalism at the University of Havana. After graduating, he began working as a writer and editor for various publications, including the literary magazine El Caimán Barbudo.



Eliseo Alberto’s work was widely acclaimed for its originality, wit, and social commentary. He received numerous awards, including the Premio Alfaguara de Novela because of his work Caracol Beach, the Medalla del Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos al mejor guion original, and the Premio Casa de las Américas.

Although known as a novelist, Alberto was also a poet and screenwriter for films and television shows. He worked as a professor at film schools in Cuba, Mexico and the United States, including the Sundance Institute.

Alberto’s legacy lives on through his writing and his influence on generations of writers. He is remembered as a talented and insightful author who used his voice to capture the essence of Cuban culture and identity.