Francesc Miralles

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Francesc Miralles is a Spanish writer, essayist, translator and musician. He studied English Philology at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, although he abandoned his studies to travel. He lived in Croatia and Slovenia during the war conflicts, an adventure he described later on in some of his books.

He finished a Degree in German Philology, and he took a Master’s degree in Publishing. After working for a while for some publishing houses, he decided to abandon his job and to fully dedicate himself to writing.

Currently, he is a literary advisor. He belongs to a music band with four published albums and he collaborates with several media like El País Semanal, RNE and Mentesana.



His first novel won the Premio Gran Angular. He has also been awarded with the Premio Torrevieja. His novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.