You Are the Night (Tú eres la noche)

Welcome to the underground club of the dark.

Rai’s world only gets darker and darker: he has broken up with his girlfriend Astrid because he could not stand their toxic relationship anymore. His parents, divorced, have joined forces in a trip of unlimited duration and have left him completely alone, proof of their lack of interest for him. Additionally, a group of vandals brutally attacks him in the street, and Rai ends hospitalized.

At the clinic, he meets Lucía, a very mysterious girl who entered the hospital for self-harming. She shows a big interest for him, and takes Rai to the Nocturnals’ Club, an underground loft where there is only pale-faced people in black. A dump where its assistants have rejected daylight to live at night forever.

When Rai in promoted, Lucía disappears after suffering a nervous crisis. Rai believes that the club has something to do with Lucía’s missing, so he decides to get even more involved in the group.

He meets Evan, the director of the club, who announces him the existence of a 60-meter-deep hole, so that the Nocturnals can experiment with total darkness. Evan, moreover, tells him that there is already a person living there, a mysterious woman known as Sira or “The Serpent”.

Rai meets Sira when he goes down the hole. She communicates with him through gestures, since she does not speak nor shows her face due to the darkness. Sira falls in love for him and finally seduces him.

Lucía manages to get in contact with Rai, and tells him that she has been at a psychiatric center, and that she wants to reveal him her most personal secrets. She confesses the origin of her deep depression, provoked by the death of her parents in a car accident, the drug addiction of her brother, and the sexual abuses she received by her grandfather when she was a kid. Moreover, she reveals that “The Serpent” threatened her to death if she stayed close to Rai ever again.

After these revelations, Rai meets Sira for the last time to discover that the mysterious girl in the dark is actually his ex-girlfriend Astrid.

At this point, and after all he has gone through, Rai will not hesitate to sew the cult of the Noctunal’s Club and help Lucía overcome that horrible depression.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Tú eres la noche has been highly acclaimed by the critics, who assure “the characters are really breathtaking and unforgettable”.

“The story has sensitive and emotive scenes, and tense and intriguing moments, creating very deep characters; the greatest exponent is Lucía, one of the most complex figures that Francesc has ever created”, Amazon.

Francesc Miralles is a Spanish writer, essayist, translator and musician. His first novel was awarded a Gran Angular Award. He also won one Torrevieja Award. Some of his novels have been translated into more than 20 languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Bulgarian, Catalan.

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