Gervasio Posadas

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Gervasio Posadas is a writer, educator and cultural manager. He has a degree in Business from the University Complutense of Madrid. Gervasio is the director of the writing school called, and collaborates habitually in various magazine publications like that of Marca, GQ, The Huffington Post and Traveler (Conde Nast). Before his career as a cultural manager and writer, he was the General Director for Spain and Portugal at Grey Direct marketing and advertising company, and worked as an administrative assistant for Wunderman and Ogilvy.



Gervasio and his sister Carmen Posadas co-wrote the novel Caviar Today, Sardines Tomorrow (Hoy caviar, mañana sardinas) that won the Sent Sovi de literatura gastronómica Award and the Prix Eugénie Brazier Award for best gastronomical novel.  He debuted in the world of writing with The Gazpacho´s Secret Ingredient (El secreto del Gazpacho), that was a best seller and was translated to various other languages. One of this best works to date is Hitler´s Mentalist (El mentalista de Hitler), a story based on real events, including a trip to 1932 Berlin and the origins of nazism. His last novel, Merchant of Death (El mercader de la muerte) revolves around the life of a character who had been forgotten in time, the misterious weapon trafficker, Basil Zaharoff.


What the critics have said:

“Gervasio Posadas constantly searches and finds stories and characters that are not so well known today […] creating very interesting stories and giving the reader a novel with a vibrant, ironic and intelligent tone.” Amazon