The clairvoyant (El mentalista de Hitler)

Based on a true story, in the pre-Nazi Germany, a seer predicted the fate of a country, but not his own

Erick Hanussen lives in the most liberal Berlin in the 30’s working as a fortune-teller, being one of the most noted personalities in of the society.

We witness all of this thanks to the José Ortega’s chronicles, a journalist that lives there before the arrival of Hitler; his mission is informing in Spain about how the German political campaign progresses. He will witness how Hanussen ends up losing all his privileges with the arrival in power of the dictator.

But, until all of this happens, we see how Hanussen gets closer to the most powerful leaders of the future Third Reich. Little by little, as soon as the anti-Semitic alliance progresses, it is discovered that Hanussen is actually a converted Jew and that none of his powers is real. While all of this is being discovered, José Ortega works hand in hand with Hanussen, promoting him in the rest of European newspapers, inaccessible to the German journalists.

And, when Hanussen is back in the highest, enjoying his predictions’ success in Europe, he is attacked and murdered by the SA.


RELEVANT FACTS: Posadas (1962) has lived in the Soviet Union, Argentina and England. He has been involved with publicity and eLearning. In 2007, his first novel is published, Gazpacho’s Secret. In 2008, he writes Today caviar, Tomorrow Sardines with his sister Carmen Posadas; they were awarded the Sent Sovi of Gastronomic Literature Award. In 2009, Revenge is Sweet and Does Not Put on Weight. He collaborates in Marca and GQ.



AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Greek, Polish, English.

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