Ignacio Chausis

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Ignacio Chausis is a journalist and has his degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He has been a consultant for the newspaper GlobalNews and has collaborated with media outlets such as Mercado, Tiempo Argentino, Anfibia magazine and the program Cuestión de Tiempo, on Rock & Pop radio station. He specializes in economics, politics, investigation and corruption. Currently, he is the editor of Fiscales.gob.ar (news agency), which belongs to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Ignacio Chausis has published, alongside Leandro Renou, his first book, Morgan Papers: Confessions of an unfaithful employee, based on the true story of Hernán Arbizu, a senior executive of JP Morgan. This is a journalistic investigation that uncovers the first major money laundering and evasion case in Argentina. La Izquierda Diario, one of the most influential political programs in Argentina, invited both authors to talk about their work. In it, Christian Castillo and Pablo Anino, both specialists in economics and finance, strongly praised the authors’ thoroughness.