J.J. Masón

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Juan José Zavala Estrada, commonly known as J. J. Mason, is a Mexican author of noir, detective and horror novels. He studied Business Administration at the SABES University.

He was a member of the “Fondo Para Las Letras Guanajuatenses” (Fund for Guanajuato Literature) up to four times, where he worked with prestigious Mexican authors and literary critics, such as Geney Beltrán Félix, Eduardo Antonio Parra or Liliana Blum.

He was recently awarded the Gabo Scholarship, sponsored by Penguin Random House, Cursiva and the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation.



His works are inspired by great classics of the genre such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cujo, The Exorcist or The Fly. These influences cause J.J. Mason to develop stories with an unquestionable audiovisual potential.

His first published novel, La Huerta (The Orchard), reminiscent of Stephen King or Juan Rulfo, was the winner of the I International Horror Novel “Alas de Cuervo” Award.