The orchard (La huerta)

True horror is not knowing who to trust.


The architect Roberto Benavídez and his family move to “the Orchad”, a house in the countryside, in provincial Mexico. There, Lorena, his wife; Patricia, his oldest kid; and Carlitos, his youngest, start a new life far away from the capital. What they don’t know is that the house had previously belonged to a famous drug trafficker, now in prison, nor that the house is closely related to some mysterious disappearances.

The family starts to hear footsteps and scratches on the walls, especially on the ones next to Patricia’s room and, scared, they decided to tell the police.

This is how Roberto meets the deputy commander Alicia Romero, who informs him that, in the past two years, over twenty kids have disappeared close to this house. However, Alicia doesn’t tell him three important facts: the first is that she and her policemen have been searching around the Orchad for months, not for the kids, but millions of pesos that the drug trafficker who owned the house may have buried there; the second is that there are still cartel members operating near the Orchad; and the third, is that a reporter guarantees that a creature that hides among the trees and needs young organs to survive is to blame for the disappearances.

In an attempt to uncover the truth, Roberto starts to question the town’s people and he gets deeply involved in mysteries that distract him from his family, until the inevitable happens: Patricia disappears after she goes for a swim at the lake. With a whole parade of suspects, Roberto will have no idea whom to trust, because in this town, every single person hides terrible secrets. Soon enough, Roberto will discover that they should have never moved to The Orchad.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Located in provincial Mexico, The Orchad is a story that gets its inspiration from Stephen King and Juan Rulfo to offer us a shocking thriller that will turn into pure horror with every new page. The Orchad was the winner of the International Crow's Wings Horror Novel Contest.

Its author, J.J. Masón, is a writer who arrived to the Mexican literary scene with a powerful, determined, and distinct voice. He has been selected twice as part of the Guanajuato Jorge Ibargüengoitia State Fund for Letters.


What the critics have said:

"The Orchad is an immersive thriller with traits of noir fiction, with a resourceful use of structure, which above all, narrates the social reality that is experienced in the Bajío and southeast of Guanajuato. The story, set among the municipalities of Maravatío, Michoacán, Tarandacuao, and Acámbaro, Guanajuato, could be adapted to any part of Latin America, like Macondo or Cuévano. In The Orchad, the fear of human evil and corruption that is currently experienced as a daily nightmare, even surpasses the terror of the supernatural." Víctor Hugo Perez Nieto, El Sol del Bajío.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


THEMES: Countryside, Family, Disappearance, Murder, Corruption, Drug Trafficking, Monster, Riot, Legends, Police, Betrayal, Threats, Alliance.

GENRE: Crime Thriller, Horror.

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