Jon Arretxe

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Jon Arretxe is a Basque writer. He has a PhD in Basque Philology. He studied Physical Education, and he completed his piano and singing studies in the conservatories of Bilbao and Vitoria.

Apart from his solid literary career, he also gives lectures on his books and travels and he is an opera Singer and a member of the opera choirs of Bilbao and Pamplona.



His literary works include travel writing and noir novels.  His succesful Inspector Touré saga belongs to the latter genre. Touré is an African ilegal immigrant from Burkina Fasso who lives in a crowded appartment in the neighbourhood of San Francisco in Bilbao. San Francisco could be described as a ghetto. He is a fortune teller, a gigolo and an improvised detective. Touré shows us many of the faces of reality that society usually tries to hide. The saga has six installments.