Arruti’s gang (La banda de Arruti)

The most eccentric criminal gang in Spain.

Arruti is a drug dealer, Urrutxurt is a municipal policeman with a long history of harassment and threats, Delgado is a priest and Ereño has been in prison for three years. They have all been friends since high school and together they form “The Arruti’s gang”, a group of clumsy and eccentric thieves.

After their last failed robbery, Ereño pleaded guilty in exchange for a ticket to the Dominican Republic for his beloved. He was sent to the prison in Basauri, his hometown, where he shared a cell with Gallego, a member of a rival gang. Gallego was convicted of robbing the largest jewelry store in Basauri and, unlike “La banda de Arruti”, his group did manage to get away with the loot.

After bribing him with top quality cocaine, Ereño convinces him to tell him where the jewels are hidden and then kills him.

Finally free, Ereño gathers his companions to embark on the treasure hunt. Clumsy as they are, the adventure is far from easy and soon turns into a hectic race against the clock.

To make matters worse, the gang will have to carry out their mission during the San Fausto festivities and avoid being seen in a crowded town.

RELEVANT FACTS: Jon Arretxe gives us a hilarious crime novel full of action, love, lies and lots of screw-ups, set in his native Basauri.

Arretxe is a best-selling writer, author of the famous Detective Touré saga, adapted into a TV series by DeaPlaneta and TVE, with tens of thousands of copies sold. He has also won the Zazpi Kale Award, the Idatz eta Mintz Award and the Igartza Grand Prize.


The critics have said:

“Arretxe has put together a dizzying merry-go-round of lies, love affairs and crimes with a final flourish worthy of the best fin de fiesta.” Moon Magazine.

“A plot full of intrigues, entanglements and lies sequenced with a marked cinematographic character”. El Diario Vasco.

“An interesting plot and extraordinary prose […] Arretxe never disappoints”. Leer sin prisa (literary blog).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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