Jon Azkueta

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Jon Azkueta is one of the new and emerging voices in Young Adult literature in Spanish. He has a degree in Education and has worked as a teacher and librarian whilst writing his first novels, which would end up being published on Wattpad.

In addition to his work as an author, he also lectures on literature and is training as a screenwriter.

His works have been read by millions of online readers around the world. The book 69 Seconds to Win You Over (69 segundos para conquistarte), which has been an overwhelming success on the Wattpad platform with more than 2 million readers, has been particularly noteworthy. The work is published in hard copy by Crossbooks.



Jon Azkueta has won the Wattys Award on numerous occasions, one of the most renowned awards in the field of literature for young people. His works accumulate more than 4 million readings, and the author has a strong presence on the internet, amassing more than twenty thousand followers on social networks.