Fleeing From Addiction (Huyendo del vicio)

Fleeing the city to escape bad habits… to arrive in a village and find yourself in the greatest temptation.

Maria is a 23-year-old girl with a very peculiar character: she is direct, sincere, charismatic, funny and her life revolves around addiction (nights of debauchery, compulsive shopping, excessively active sex life…). Tired of living a life plagued by bad habits, she decides to accept a job offer in a remote village called Trespadejo, where she believes she will be able to escape the temptations that surround her in the city. That is until the temptation comes from the hand of Leonardo.

Leonardo is a young man the same age as Maria who has just moved to Trespadejo to try to solve the problems he has with his girlfriend and clear his chaotic mind, after his girlfriend’s uncle offered him a job as a farmer in exchange for a good financial reward.

Leonardo has a girlfriend and Maria wants to stay away from any temptation. But life is short and his desire to have fun and make the most of his youth is strong, so sparks soon fly between them.

The young couple will start a whole series of adventures (and misadventures) with the peculiar neighbors of Trespadejo: the typical know-it-all of the village who is more country than a tractor, a polio-ridden lover, a church lady, a porn actress, and a French baker.

Both protagonists will live all kinds of crazy and funny situations in a journey to self-discovery and maturity that will end in a (fleeting?) love story.


RELEVANT DATA: Fleeing from Addiction (Huyendo del vicio) is a funny, romantic comedy written by Jon Azkueta, one of the most successful Spanish authors on the Wattpad platform. The work has more than 2 million reads and more than 250,000 ratings, in addition to being the winner of the well-known Wattys Award.

Fleeing from Addiction (Huyendo del vicio) has all the characteristics to carry out an audiovisual adaptation along the same lines of El pueblo or Aquí no hay quien viva, references to which the audience of the book itself has made. The reviews assure that it is a hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy.

María, the main character, is a secondary character in 69 Seconds to Conquer You (69 segundos para conquistarte), thus expanding the universe in which the novel is set for an audiovisual adaptation.

Jon Azkueta is one of the new voices of Young and New Adult literature in Spain. He has won the Wattys award on numerous occasions and his works have accumulated more than 4 million reads on Wattpad. In addition, Jon has a strong presence on the Internet, accumulating tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.


What the critics have said:

“This book is raunchy, with that touch of absurd and acid humor that I like so much in the style of Los padres de ella or Date Movie, but in a rural setting. If I were to compare it to something Spanish, it would be a kind of El Pueblo or Aquí no hay quién viva, but even a little wilder.” Josu Diamond, booktuber and author

“Fleeing from Addiction (Huyendo del vicio) is a great discovery. A perfect first contact with the writer; without a doubt, it has left me wanting to know more. A story that, as I have already said, touches the absurd, the easy humor and all the events that you can’t even conceive. Something original, fresh, new and light.” A Thousand Books and a Tea (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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