Jordi Amat

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Jordi Amat (Barcelona, 1978) is a philologist, writer and literary critic. After graduating in Hispanic Philology at the University of Barcelona and training at the Unitat d’Estudis Biogràfics from the same university, Amat dedicated himself to researching the reconstruction of Catalan and Spanish democratic culture throughout the 20th century, a subject about which he published various articles in academic journals. His works has been considered fundamental to understanding Catalonia in the 20th century. On the other hand, Jordi has collaborated with the newspaper La Vanguardia and with the opinion section of El País. On weekends he publishes nonfiction reviews on Babelia.



Jordi Amat won the Casa de América Essay Award and the Comillas Award for History, Biography and Memory. His book The Chauffeur’s Son is an illuminating and lucid x-ray of Catalan (and by extension, Spanish) political history that obtained enormous and well-deserved critical and sales success.


What the critics say:

“A power project in which economic, political and media groups appear” Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca.

“Jordi Amat explores the hidden territories of journalism and political power” Lluís Bassets.