Jorge Barón Biza

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Jorge Baron Biza was an Argentine writer best known for his novel The Desert and its Seed.

Born into a family with a strong cultural and political legacy, Baron Biza’s life was marked by a tragic event in his childhood: his mother, Rosa Clotilde Sabattini, underwent an attack with acid at the hands of his father, the writer Raul Baron Biza. This act of domestic violence left deep scars on the author. This act of domestic violence left deep scars on the author.

Throughout his life, Jorge Baron Biza also worked as a journalist and art critic, collaborating with various Argentine media. His critical vision and incisive style established him as a leading voice in the Argentine cultural scene.

He worked as a proofreader, editor, publisher, translator and ghostwriter in different Argentinean publishing media. He was also professor of Aesthetics at the National University of Córdoba and at the National University of Catamarca.



His novel, The Desert and its Seed, was originally self-published in 1998 and has since then been republished several times and translated into different languages, such as Italian, Dutch, French and English.

The work has gained prestige and recognition over time, becoming a contemporary classic of Argentine literature. Moreover, even today the author still captures the interest of academics and literary researchers who analyze his work in their papers, essays and conferences.