Josu Diamond

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Josu Lorenzo Grilli, also known as Josu Diamond, is a Spanish writer and content creator. He is one of the most followed Spanish-speaking booktubers on the platform, with more than 250,000 followers. He also works as an editorial reader, collaborating with various publishers, and teaches literary classes and workshops.

He studied Communication and has completed two master’s degrees in Creative Writing and Advertising. Josu began his adventures in the publishing world with the publication of his blog Libros por leer and, soon after, he opened a YouTube channel that is still active. He has recently created a company dedicated to the sale of literary boxes and merchandising for readers, called Literali Box.



The Trilogy In Madrid (En Madrid), published in 2022 and consisting of the books A Cocktail in Chueca (Un cóctel en Chueca), Two Drinks in Sitges (Dos copas en Sitges), and Three Shots in Mykonos (Tres chupitos en Mykonos), highlights his work as a writer. The trilogy is being very well received by critics and the public and has generated queues of hundreds of people at the Madrid Book Fair.