In Madrid Trilogy (Trilogía En Madrid)

A Cocktail in Chueca | Two Drinks in Sitges | Three Shots in Mykonos

Four guys, one city… And a whole world to be discovered.

Mauro is a young man who arrives in Madrid with the objective of losing his virginity. He moves into a small apartment that he will share with a group of guys. Iker is athletic and attractive, and Mauro falls in love with him at first sight; Andrés is an old-fashioned hopeless romantic; and Gael is a sexy man who lives a double life.

Mauro will learn that before he can achieve his goal, he has a lot to learn, given that he doesn’t even understand what it means to be gay. His new roommates will help him through this learning process, and he will soon become very close with them. As for Iker, maybe even a little more than a simple friendship.

All of this in a city that welcomes him with open arms, introducing him to Madrid’s nooks and crannies, sex and a life of freedom.

Some time later, Andrés leaves the apartment to go to Sitges with a boy he falls deeply in love with. Mauro, Gael and Iker decide to go in search of him to talk some sense into him, given that he is involved in an abusive and toxic relationship. The trip will be cut short by a party that ends disastrously. As a result, Andrés’ rescue doesn’t go as planned.  The return to Madrid is not smooth sailing either, as there are problems awaiting them (such as the landlord wanting to kick them out of the apartment). In addition, Iker and Mauro’s relationship seems hopelessly stagnant.

During the summer, they decide to visit Mykonos and organize the biggest gay cruise in the world. Iker, Gael, Andrés, and Mauro will be reunited with their favorite drag queens, past loves, and new opportunities to make a living. The problem comes when they return to Madrid and find that their life after the cruise is not as interesting, especially for Mauro and Iker, whose relationship is jeopardized after a crisis in Mykonos.

The amusing first adventures of four young men in love and sex, which ends up forging a great friendship.


RELEVANT DATA: Full of romance and fun, new experiences, In Madrid (En Madrid) tells the story of the memorable adventures of four roommates, in the purest style of Sex and the City or Queer as Folk. All of this in the city of Madrid and with protagonists that represent a large arc of the LGTBQ+ collective.

Josu Lorenzo Grilli, commonly known as Josu Diamond, apart from his literary career, is also dedicated to creating content on his YouTube channel and social networks, giving lectures and workshops throughout Spain. Josu Diamond causes a real sensation on social networks. He is one of the most followed booktubers, with thousands of followers in all his social networks and millions of views on his videos.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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