Juan Bonilla

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Juan Bonilla is a Spanish writer and translator. With a degree in journalism, he has worked as a literary critic, curated several exhibitions and directed the cultural sections of Diario de Jerez and Zut magazines. He currently collaborates with the magazine El Cultural of the newspaper El Mundo and JotDown Magazine.



Juan Bonilla is one of the great authors of the Spanish-speaking world. His works, which include novels, short stories, essays and poetry, have been praised by critics and translated into different languages. His latest book, Totalidad sexual del cosmos, which recovers the figure of Mexican artist and poet Carmen Mondragón -better known as Nahui Olin-, is the winner of the National Narrative Award.

He has been awarded the Biblioteca Breve Award, the Mario Vargas Llosa Biennial Novel Award, the Gaziel Award, the Villa Rota Poetry Award and the Luis Cernuda Poetry Award. Some of his works have been adapted for the cinema.