Juan Luis Cebrián

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Juan Luis Cebrián is a Spanish journalist, writer and businessman. He was the co-founder and first editor of the El País newspaper, and he later became president of the Prisa Group. Since 1996, Cebrián has been an academic at the Royal Spanish Academy.

After studying Humanities at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and attending the Spanish Official School of Journalism when he was just 15 years old, Juan Luis Cebrián had alredy a University Degree at the age of 19.

He started in the world of journalism as editor-in-chief of the Pueblo newspaper, and later on he promoted to deputy director of the Informaciones newspaper. He was also subsequently appointed head of RTVE’s News.

He is  the current CEO of Grupo Prisa and its newspaper, besides being vice president of the Spanish Broadcasting Society and Prisa TV. With over 50 years of journalistic and executive experiences, Cebrián has played an intense and essential role as a writer and columnist, and as a lecturer. Moreover, he has published numerous essays on journalism and political sociology.



Juan Luis Cebrián has been considered by several international media as one of the ten most influential Spaniards both in Spain and in Latin America. He is the only Hispanic academic member of the Bilderberg Club and the only Spanish-speaking member with executive functions in that organization.

Among the numerous journalistic awards he has been given, there are the International Director of the New York World Press Review, the Spanish National Journalism Award, the Freedom of Expression Medal of the F. D. Roosevelt Four Freedom Foundation and the Medal of Honor of the University of Missouri, the Trento International Prize for Journalism and Communication, and the Joaquín Chamorro Prize for Freedom of Expression.

In addition, he was recognized with the Order of Bernardo O’Higgins, with the rank of Grand Officer, the highest distinction that the government of Chile grants to outstanding foreign citizens in recognition of their contribution to strengthening the ties between both countries, and received in Washington the First Amendment Award, awarded by the Spanish Eisenhower Fellows Association, for his work in favour of press freedom.