Kate Danon

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Kate Danon.

Kate Danon is Victoria Rodríguez’s pseudonym. Victoria Rodríguez is a Spanish writer with a degree in Technical Architecture. She wrote her first story at the age of 11 and since then she hasn’t stopped telling stories, especially romances with young protagonists.



Victoria Rodriguez’s works are big hits on Amazon and some of them have been on the bestseller lists on Kindle. She has been a finalist for the prestigious Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature and the Amazon Literary Award.


What critics have said:

“It manages to set itself apart from the rest of the novels of the genre that abound in the Spanish market. With captivating characters that steal your heart, the author succeeds in making the reader relive the magic of a first love. If you are in love with love, like me, and you are looking for something different, this is your story.” Amazon

“A wonderful story with a plot that I don’t think I’ve read before. The love story is very beautiful throughout. And it teaches us not to judge people by appearances, you have to bother to get to know people.“ Goodreads

“With two incredible and fearless protagonists, an original and absorbing plot, with fluid and current language; and a cover that says a lot about the novel, alluring and mysterious.” Addictive Reads (literary blog)