An Exclusive Heart (Un corazón en exclusiva)

Breaking news! This is the most unexpected romance.

Annel Vera is an audacious reporter who is dedicated to writing for gossip magazines. She is known to be one of the best in the industry, nicknamed “The Snake” for the juicy inside scoops she publishes on the trendiest actors. Her pen is a deadly weapon capable of bringing out all the dirty laundry of her victims. Her latest article is about the multimillionaire and gorgeous actor Lorenzo Senen, who was caught smooching a woman who is not his wife, Maria Delgado. They are one of the most envied couples in the industry: sexy, popular and have managed to win the hearts of many people.

That is why Lorenzo’s infidelity fell like a bucket of cold water on his fans and it doesn’t take long for them to stand in solidarity with Maria Delgado. She dumps Lorenzo and puts him in a compromised position in the eyes of the public.

Lorenzo intends to make the person who has ruined his life pay. She has not only ruined his relationship by publishing the story (which he denies), but also put an end to his plans of giving his son, Dani, a mother.

He invites the reporter, Annel, to his private island to meet her but, as soon as she gets off the helicopter, Annel falls and hits her head. This causes her to have amnesia and Lorenzo quickly realizes that this is the most opportune moment to begin his plan for revenge. He convinces Annel that she is his son Dani’s nanny, and tells his son to make Annel’s life absolutely impossible.

However, as the days go by, the child begins to view Annel as a companion for his adventures, making them inseparable. Lorenzo’s twisted plan will get out of hand, as unexpected feelings begin to blossom. His initial hatred for Annel will be transformed into a pure and wild desire and eventually into love for her. Annel seemed to be a merciless woman with a heart as cold as ice, but deep down she is quite the opposite; a sweet and caring person.

But the amnesia is temporary, and as she regains her memory, everything will fall apart again. After a huge fight as she realizes what was actually happening, Lorenzo will do everything he can to regain her trust. Fortunately, love and friendship will prevail.


RELEVANT DATA: An Exclusive Heart (Un corazón en exclusiva) is a contemporary romantic comedy in the style of the hilarious and successful movies Overboard or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Kate Danon is the pseudonym of the writer Victoria Rodriguez, who specializes in romantic novels, usually with young protagonists. Her works are big hits on Amazon and some of them have been on the bestseller lists on Kindle. She has been a finalist for the prestigious Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature and the Amazon Literary Award.


What the critics have said:

“Lies, entanglements, manipulations, a bit of humor and a lot of love are part of this fun novel.” Goodreads

“The writer manages to convey the passion and chemistry that arises between the protagonists, through a relationship full of confrontations charged with desire and the occasional revenge.” No solo leo (literary blog)

“Fast and fresh rhythm, good characters, romance […], all this adds up to a plot full of misunderstandings, entanglements, revenge, humor, sensuality…” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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