Lena Blau

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Lena Blau is a Spanish author who has lived in cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Although she is a designer by profession, she has cultivated her passion for literature since she was very young.


Her first novel, Song Number 7 (La canción número 7), captivated thousands of readers. It is a romance novel that perfectly blends the best ingredients of the genre – love, self-improvement, and the search for happiness – with a fresh and original tone. Within days of its publication, it ranked #1 on Amazon’s best-selling eBooks, remaining for weeks in that position, garnering very good opinions from readers, and triggering a fan phenomenon on the internet.

What the critics say:

“A very romantic novel, with an electrifying and super-addictive story between its protagonists, with lots of push and pull […]. It tells us about the value of friendship, family, the importance of overcoming our fears and learning to mature.” Lecturaadictiva.com (literary blog)

Her next novel I Tweet You (I tuit you), also ranked in the top bestselling ebooks on Amazon after its release and received very good reception from readers:

“I Tweet You (I tuit you) is an authentic, real, emotional novel with characters full of strength. An ideal love story, full of magic and exquisite music, all this accompanied by a plot so well structured that it is excellent from beginning to end”.  Libros con Raíces (literary blog)