Luis Roso

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Luis Roso is a Spanish writer known for his novels in the thriller genre, and has established himself as one of the most interesting emerging voices of mystery and suspense literature in Spain.
Luis Roso has been praised for his ability to create complex narratives and for his detailed settings, which take the reader to the time and place of his stories. In addition to his novels, he has participated in anthologies and collaborated in various literary media and publications.
His work not only stands out for entertaining readers, but also for his interest in reflecting social, historical and human aspects of post-war Spain.

His book El crimen de Malladas: por vuestra boca muerta (The Crime of Malladas: By your Dead Mouth) was chosen among the ten best crime novels of its year of publication by El País newspaper and has been nominated for the Rodolfo Walsh Award for best non-fiction crime novel by the Semana Negra de Gijón.
In addition, the Spanish television program “Cuarto Milenio” dedicated an extensive report to the book and the crime it narrates.