María Solar

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María Solar is a Galician writer, journalist and TV host who has spent her whole life surrounded by books and television. She graduated in Biology and Journalism, and also owns a Teaching degree. However, she has always focused on the communication sphere through collaborations in radio and TV programs, and magazine publications. She is coordinator of the culture section of the Galician Radio-TV Corporation. Moreover, she also works as TV host and director of the cultural show titled TVG Zigzag Fin de Semana, and several other shows for the Galician TV.

Her literary works have been very much acclaimed by the critics and a wide-range audience, who have highlighted her superb writing skills.



She was awarded several distinctions in the communication field, like three Mestre Mateo of the Galician Audiovisual Academy Awards, and she was a two-time runner-up to the Best Communicator in TV. She also received the 2nd Prize of the Galician Innovation of Investigative Journalism.

With regards to her literary career, her works have been translated to several languages, like Galician, Catalan, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Filipino. She won two Lazarillo Awards of creative writing, and two of her works were included in the prestigious list, Munich White Ravens.

Other novels became Book of the Year in the Fervenzas Literarias magazine, and the Best Young Readers Book at the Gala of the Galician Book. She was also awarded the Frei Martin Sarmiento Prize to the Best Adult Novel.