Mayka Navarro

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Mayka Navarro is a Spanish journalist specialized in police information and crimes. She has worked as an editor at the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya and is currently working at the newspaper La Vanguardia.

During her career, she has combined her work in newspapers with her appearance in several television programs such as Ya es mediodía or El programa de Ana Rosa of Telecinco. She has also participated in the TV channel TV3 and on El Suplemento at Cataluña Radio.


She is the author of “Dismantling the Perfect Crime” (Desmontando un crimen perfecto), a work in which, strictly adhering to the real facts, Navarro has done a great job of documentation throughout the trajectory of the crime.

She received the Bronze Medal awarded by the Police of Catalonia.

Of her work, critics have said:

“A shocking crime that not even the most twisted mind could recreate in fiction.” Goodreads