Dismantling the Perfect Crime (Desmontando el crimen perfecto)

Angi: The identity thief.

María Ángeles Molina Fernández, nicknamed “Angi” and former boss, millionaire, and alleged friend of Ana Paez, spent a lot of time planning the perfect crime.

In an apartment in Barcelona, the cleaning lady finds Ana Páez’s lifeless body on the sofa, naked, with her hands tied and a plastic bag over her head. The woman’s clothes are missing from the apartment, the only things left behind were a black wig and boots. The police of the homicide group, at first, thought it was a death by asphyxiation due to some sexual practice. This hypothesis that was discarded as soon as the images of a mysterious woman who, pretending to be the victim, was withdrawing money from the murdered young woman’s account. Angi, the murderer, was able to seduce the heads of several banks for years. They granted her loans and insurance policies that she signed under the identity of her former partner.

From this point on, a whole spiral of crimes in which Angi had immersed herself, apparently for money, came to light. The motivation to kill Ana could have been economic, despite the fact that she was rich by then, swimming in the abundance of luxurious cars, getaways to Baqueira and inheritances from a husband from whom she was widowed: the father of her only daughter who died not long before. Apparently, it was a suicide according to the authorities and the case had been closed and later reopened because of strange circumstances.


RELEVANT DATA: The crime reporter Mayka Navarro took over the María Ángeles Molina’s case, alias Angi. Thanks to her proximity to the case and her relationship with the Mossos d’Escuadra (the Catalan police) who were in charge of the investigation, she does a spectacular job of documentation during the whole trajectory and dismantles the perfect crime.


What the critics have said:

“Navarro writes with surgical precision, detailing to the millimeter the steps that the Catalan autonomous police had to take to pull the thread and thus reach Angi. The daily monitoring of the suspect allowed her to find a small mistake, so that the much-vaunted perfect crime would not end up being so perfect.” Propera Parada Cultura (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie, Documentary.


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