Mercedes Guerrero

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of IMC Literary Agency.

Mercedes Guerrero holds a Technical Degree in Tourist Activities and Management, even though nowadays she exclusively spends her time writing her successful novels.

She speaks several languages, and has run numerous businesses in the tourism sector. Guerrero is a woman who has travelled all around the world, something that allowed her to live experiences that she has reflected in her personal life.

Mercedes Guerrero has been surrounded by literature since she was just a kid, when she devoured the adventures of El Capitán Trueno (lit. “Captain Thunder”, the hero of a series of Spanish comic books), Asterix and Tintin. She even used to write short stories for herself, but fortunately, her audience can now enjoy the different worlds emerging from her imagination.



Since the publication of her first novel, El árbol de la diana (lit. The Target’s Tree), Guerrero has been one of the most relevant Spanish authors regarding literature starred by female characters.