Miguel Ángel Martín

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Miguel Ángel Martín is a renowned Spanish illustrator and cartoonist of several works that belong to the collective imagination of the Spanish counterculture, such as Brian the Brain or Surfing the Third Wave.

Although he began his career in Law, the author abandoned his studies to start working at El Diario de León, as an illustrator of news articles and comic strips.

In his long career in the publishing world, he has published his stories in numerous newspapers and magazines, such as El Víbora, Factory and Subterfuge, and has written plays and scripts for short films. He’s also made posters for “underground” films such as La lengua asesina, Killer Barbys or Un paraíso para las estrellas.



He is considered one of the most internationally renowned Spanish comic authors. He became known in Spain when he was awarded the Newcomer Author Award at the Barcelona International Comic Book Fair. He was later given the Yellow Kid Award to the Best Foreign Author in Rome, an award that is considered the Oscar of comics. In addition, he has also received the “Attilio Micheluzzi” Grand Prix at the Comicon in Naples, the Romics Best European Comic Award and the RepubblicaXL Readers’ Award for Best Comic of the Year at the Comicon in Naples.