Brian the Brain

A fish out of water.

Brian is a gifted child with a hyper-developed brain that can be seen with the naked eye. This “malformation” is the result of ultrasound experiments his mother had to undergo in a biological research center whilst he was in her womb.

Although Brian must be very careful not to damage his brain, this characteristic also gives him telekinetic powers that he uses to help his family, friends, and schoolmates. Although he insists on doing good, something always ends up backfiring, and people shun him.

Brian’s life is affected by his appearance, and he must learn to deal with the constant stares, taunts and insults he receives on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Brian insists on always doing good.

Brian is an antihero who turns telekinesis into his weapon in order to do good, yet any person he helps seems to end up worse than before. However, as he grows up, he will learn to manage his clumsiness, and he will be admired and become an essential person in everyone’s lives.


RELEVANT DATA: Brian the Brain is one of the classics of contemporary Spanish comics, as well as having been named Best Comic of the Year by the Italian newspaper La Reppublica. Brian the Brain is already a cult series. In addition, the image of Brian the Brain is being used on marquees all over the city of Madrid to promote the youth cultural pass.

Full of satire and irony, Brian the Brain takes dramatic situations and turns them into something comical and witty and has all the elements to become a successful series in the purest South Park or Rick and Morty style. Like the previous examples, Brian the Brain would be aimed at a wide audience.

Although it is classified as a work of science fiction due to the superpowers the main character exudes, its adaptation to an audiovisual format is very feasible, since the action takes place in common places such as a school, a hospital, or a house. Also, there are no fantastic elements that would require a large production.

Miguel Ángel Martín is one of the Spanish comic authors with the greatest international projection, awarded with the Yellow Kid Award given to the Best Foreign Author. In Spain, he became widely known when he won the Revelation Author Award at the International Comic Salon of Barcelona. Among other awards, he has also won the “Attilio Micheluzzi” Grand Award. One of his works was chosen Best European Comic at the Romiccs Festival in Rome. He has published his stories in newspapers and magazines, and has been the author of plays and scripts for short films.


What the critics have said:

“The adventures of Brian, the most famous boy in Spanish comics, returns three decades later, in an extensive volume with never before released epilogues by cartoonist and scriptwriter Miguel Ángel Martín.” La Vanguardia

“One of the most evocative and endearing characters in contemporary Spanish comics.” ABC Cultural

“The cartoonist Miguel Ángel Martín digs into our brains with Brian the Brain as if he was a neurosurgeon. A cult classic series that knows which buttons to press in the reader to provoke all kinds of reactions except nonchalance.” La ComicTeca


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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