Mónica Gutiérrez

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Mónica Gutiérrez, or Mónica Serendipity, the nickname she uses on social networks, is a Spanish writer, journalist and professor. She got her degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in History from the University of Barcelona. Currently she combines her fictional writing with teaching, and is an avid blogger on her own webpage called Serendipia where she is able to like literary critiques and carries out all kinds of cultural activities and events. Additionally, she collaborates with other blogs by writing articles and provides workshops on how to write feel good novels.



Mónica Gutierrez has been on Amazon’s bestseller list for over a year and is known for her contemporary romance and feel-good stories. She has been given various awards and mentions in short story and poem competitions, like the Bernat Metge Short Story Award and the University of Barcelona Short Story Award. All of her published novels have received both positive responses and reviews from readers.


What the critics have said:

“Mónica has a recognizable style because of her use of language, a positive evaluative language that makes the reader feel at peace and finish her books with a smile.” El espejo de la entrada (literary blog)

“As an author, she truly knows the meaning of a feel-good novel”. Goodreads

“With all her books, Monica manages to make you forget about your problems, to make you smile and be completely happy in those moments. She is wonderful.” Goodreads