Every Summer in the World (Todos los veranos del mundo)

The rekindling of a summer love.

Freshly fired from a law firm in Barcelona where she had been working for many years, Helena sets off to Serralles, a village in the Pyrenees. She spent all her childhood summers there with her family, and now she is returning to celebrate her wedding. Helena, who lived immersed in a permanent routine and anchored in the stability of her work and love life had not returned here for a very long time, basically since her father died.  However, her mother and her fiancé, the despicable judge Jofre, have brought her there.

Helena is faced with her mother’s newest business endeavour-  creating a cooking school after the opening of numerous rural houses in the area; the truths that her sister Silvia (a biologist who has no problem speaking her mind) blurts out to her; and the rationality of her brother Xavier (a successful writer). All must survive under the same roof again.

Adjusting to the place where she spent her childhood is quite complicated for Helena, and getting back in touch with her family drains her. However, she gradually begins to let go of tension, to sleep better and socialize more, and, more importantly, to slow down her former hectic pace.

Little by little she discovers a different world, in which she begins to become aware of her own lack of happiness and now longs to achieve it. The routine she shares with her fiancé Jofre no longer matches the joy brought to her by the neighbors and small businesses in Serralles. She meets the peculiar mouse-faced bookseller who would rather have interesting conversations than sell books and the owner of a flower shop who charges the less fortunate less. And on one of her walks, she runs into Marc, her childhood friend and the man with whom she had shared so many summers as a child. She hadn’t seen him in what seems like forever and this will disrupt her planned life.

Thanks to this small town, she will discover what it really means to live and enjoy the small details of life. Reuniting with Marc will be key in facing her insecurities, her fear of making mistakes and stepping out of her comfort zone… She will find herself again and rethink her entire life up until that point.


RELEVANT DATA: Every Summer in the World (Todos los veranos del mundo) is a beautiful love story that proposes a journey of discovery, reflection, and acknowledgement.  This passionate story encourages reflection on life, what we don’t usually value in it, and proposes that with love and friendship, anything is possible.

The author, Monica Gutierrez, has been on Amazon’s bestseller list for over a year and is known for her feel-good, contemporary and fresh love stories.


What the critics have said:

“A pleasant story, with an air of nostalgia, a touch of romanticism, a hymn to life, to the enjoyment of small things, to the courage to live life… It is a dose of reality capable of provoking an emotional tsunami with the simple flutter of a butterfly.” De tinta en vena (literary blog)

“With endearing characters with whom I have become attached at first sight and with a tender and sweet story of love, friendship, family and companionship.” Nadie está solo (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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