Noemí López Trujillo

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Noemí López Trujillo graduated in Journalism in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

She has been working in several newspapers such as ABC, 20Minutos or El Español. She has also collaborated regularly with, La Marea and El País. She has published articles also in El Confidencial, Jot Down, El País and she has run her own section in several radio shows such as Un alto en el camino (Onda cero) and La ventana (Cadena Ser). She has also published an audio documentary in Podium Podcast, which investigates Ana Orantes’ murder twenty years after the crime. This four-episode series was mentioned in The New York Times in the Overlooked section.

She has recently published The Empty Womb (El vientre vacío), which talks about a generation of women who cannot afford having children, or decide not to, or have to deal with infertility problems.

“We are so many women who can relate with Noemí’s words in The Empty Womb that, somehow, the author managed to make us feel less alone and able to finally raise our voices”

Currently she writes reports about social topics, from a gender perspective, for Newtral, Production Company and news agency.



López Trujillo has published two books about social topics, and she holds the Award for Young Journalists against Gender Violence, given by the Spanish Youth Institute (INJUVE) for her reports about sexist violence for El Español.