Pablo Aranda

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Pablo Aranda was a Spanish writer, journalist and professor. He got his degree in Spanish Philology and was a language and literature Professor in Malaga and at the University of Orán in Algeria. He was also a tutor for the mentally ill, prisoners and minors under special judicial systems. As a journalist, he stood out for his work as a columnist for Diario Sur and collaborated with the “El Viajero” section of the newspaper El País.

After the publication of his novel The Other City (La otra ciudad), finalist for the Primavera Award and the 10th Annual Crítica Andaluza Award, he dedicated himself exclusively to writing.



Pablo Aranda published dozens of novels and received many other accolades in his lifetime such as the Diario Sur Short Novel Award, the II Málaga Award, and the City of Malaga Childrens Literature Award for his first children’s book.